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Using Discovery Ads for B2B SaaS

Today, more and more consumers are on the lookout for shopping ideas as they explore content online. To help advertisers deliver visual and inspiring ads to consumers ready to engage with their brands, Google created Discovery ads.

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Digital Marketing for B2B – How to Effectively Use Your Data?

The B2B (business-to-business) sector is kind of like coriander—you either love it or hate it. For many, it’s nothing more than a maddening maze of acronyms: SaaS, CRM, MQL, SQL ABM, etc.
For others (like me), it’s a wonderfully complex ecosystem that requires every tool from your belt. Simply put, it takes a little knowhow to convert prospects to leads to clients.

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Amazon Advertising: The Key to Online Success

Did you know that Google and Facebook’s duopoly reaches nearly 75% of the total digital market ad share in Canada (60% in the US)? But in 2019, Amazon’s hegemony will challenge the competition, which is great news for both the industry and advertisers.

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