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13 Essential KPIs to Follow for Your SEO

A KPI – key performance indicator – is just that – an indicator of performance which allows us to measure the effectiveness of any implementations made. In SEO, KPIs help to calculate the profitability of these implementations, such as the publication of new content or the optimisation of internal linkage networks.

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Optimise your Shopify SEO: 5 technical tips for boosting your search engine visibility.

The Shopify platform is chosen by numerous ecommerce businesses for its simplicity. Although it offers plenty of benefits, this content management system does have its fair share of challenges and limitations, most notably in terms of SEO. Whether your company is already using the platform, or is planning to, it’s paramount that you take these limitations into account if you wish to improve your online visibility, and avoid errors such as content duplication, bad multi-language management and even slow loading times.

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