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From Montreal to Paris, our team brings together passionate people with a range of different expertise; both traditional and digital media, business analytics, SEO, data strategy and many others. We really do have a myriad of strings to our bow to ensure your success- and we love what we do.


Dialekta is a family. We respect one another and encourage each other to become better

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Dialekta is a place full of opportunity. Opportunities to grow, to learn, to excel, to have fun, but above all for well-being. The human experience is at the centre of everything that Dialekta does and this can be felt every day. I’ve met some extraordinary people here who have helped me to flourish in both my professional and personal lives (for example being able to work in the mountains for a number of weeks.)

I was a member of the Montréal Carabins for 5 years after uni. I always thought of my squadron as a family and the connections that I made with my comrades will last a lifetime. At Dialekta I have rediscovered this same family spirit. We have fun together, we learn together and we triumph together. What’s more, Dialekta TRULY has the well-being of its staff at its heart.

Having spent many years working in fashion, I treated myself on my 30th birthday and decided to make a career change and go into marketing! Fun fact: I had never heard of Dialekta at that point, but a friend encouraged me to apply as she had heard so many good things about them. I instantly loved the company (and the team!!) During my onboarding period, I was made to feel welcome straight away despite having very little experience in media. I feel really fortunate to have come across a company that sees the true potential in people and that choses atypical candidates to join its team – they had seen past my lack of marketing experience and noted all the transferable skills I’d acquired in my professional life so far. I’ll soon be celebrating my first year at Dialekta and I have never looked back!

And what do our former colleagues think of Dialekta?

Cutting your teeth at Dialekta means you’ll acquire an advanced digital skill set as well as have the opportunity to rub shoulders with some incredible people. The well-being of its employees is at the heart of the company’s values and this is felt at all levels. Thank you for giving me a chance, and for helping me fall in love with digital strategy.

Elaina Provencher
Digital Strategy in a competitor agency

There were just 4 of us when I joined Dialekta. Cyril was the first to give me a chance to prove myself. I quickly came to acquire everything I had always wanted, all in one job: training, recognition and team spirit. This is what opened the doors for me to launch my own entrepreneurial adventure. Thank you Dialekta! (And thank you Aymeric for my profile picture which I’m still using 10 years later!)

Thomas Jacquesson
Co-Founder @

I worked at Dialekta for more than 6 years. I had the chance to see the company grow and eventually fully establish itself throughout that time. I had the pleasure of progressing my professional development alongside switched-on, interesting, fun but above all caring colleagues.I still say to this day that Dialekta is a company that truly has the well-being of its staff at its heart, and this permeates all levels of the business.

Laura Dessureault
Currently on sabbatical

Cyril Chaib
President and founder

Yannick Manuri
Vice-President of Client and Partner Experience

Aymeric Freymond
Managing Director of Dialekta France

Diana Ferreira
Director of Operations

Justine Moreaux
Director of Innovation and Data Strategy

Simon Caillé
Director of Growth and Performance

Doriane Nasarre
Director of Marketing and Outreach


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