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Our story

Dawn of the 21st century, Montreal: while the world was reeling from the false alarm of the Y2K problem, Cyril Chaib began his career as a specialist in digital performance measurement at Cossette. The agency’s mandate at the time was to innovate beyond basic impression metrics and click-through rates. Before long, Cyril had developed new measurement tools to optimize business performance.

Passionate and driven, Cyril founded Wiseleap Solutions Inc. in 2005—a company specializing in business intelligence. This new professional challenge allowed him to explore his passion for real-time data collection and business performance measurement.

The kickoff

In 2009, North America was in the depths of a recession. Advertising agencies saw their budgets melting like snow in the sun. Only one sector escaped the axe: digital advertising. 

Why? Digital advertising is a medium with a highly quantifiable impact. In uncertain times, there’s little wonder why it experienced such a boom! Cyril Chaib’s expertise, therefore, became highly valuable to Canadian advertising agencies.

Sensing an opportunity, Cyril founded Dialekta in 2010 and began a new chapter in his professional adventure. Dialekta initially positioned itself as a secret weapon for advertising agencies hoping to offer clients better ROIs. In this early stage, Dialekta worked for nearly every agency in Quebec in a discreet, white-label manner. But this tactic was soon to change.

Our first “off-site”

By 2015, Dialekta had grown to a team of seven. After five years of business, the agency reached a turning point. We escaped aboard a catamaran for a team retreat that would prove exceptionally successful.

All aboard!

Dressed in our finest sailor suits, we tackled a fundamental question: “If Dialekta were a catamaran that could set sail for anywhere, where would it go?

After much discussion, the answer was unanimous: it was time for Dialekta to emerge from the shadows. We were fully aware of our abilities and the immense value we delivered to our clients, yet our brand remained unknown. The next chapter in our story was clear. No more white labelling. It was time to be set free!

Back on terra firma, we set out to promote the Dialekta brand. We introduced ourselves to our partner-agencies’ clients and began working with them directly. 

We challenged ourselves to break down the wall of anonymity and become recognized as the most innovative digital performance agency in the industry.

To reach this ambitious goal, we launched a digital marketing campaign that accurately reflected our brand and reputation. Our objective: to find clients and partners as passionate about their work as we are ours.

The campaign’s outcome was beyond all expectation. We’d caught the wind in our sails, and our catamaran sped towards horizons not shown on any map. It was the beginning of a new adventure.

A new co-pilot on the Dialekta adventure 

Inspired by our success, Yannick Manuri, founder and president of Espresso Jobs and Espresso Media, joined our team in 2017 as vice-president and partner. Working tirelessly to promote our agency and accelerate its growth, Yannick took on a significant role in steering our catamaran. A single mission guided both him the crew: to transform our client’s businesses with winning digital marketing strategies.

Recognition at last

The days of sailing under the radar were behind us. After a few years at sea, we had established ourselves as one of the fastest-growing marketing agencies in North America. 

Moreover, our efforts were recognized by the greats. In 2018, Google named us among the six most innovative marketing agencies in the world. Undoubtedly, we would have never received such an honour if we’d stuck close to shore, never losing sight of land.

Our little catamaran was now a fearless ocean liner, ready to explore international waters.

Dialekta awards

Conquering Europe

That’s right—we forgot to mention our other big dream: to export our know-how beyond Canadian borders

So, in 2018, Dialekta set out to conquer Europe. Our Director of Strategy and Innovation, Aymeric Freymond, opened our first international office in Paris. Originally from France himself, Aymeric joined Dialekta in 2013, when the company had only four employees. He was instrumental in our little catamaran’s transformation into one of the largest independent marketing agencies in Canada. With the wind at his back, he now set the course for an exciting new destination.

Ten years of Dialekta

Present day, Montreal: As Dialekta marks its tenth anniversary in 2020, we’re proud to say we’ve established ourselves as a leader in Canadian digital marketing. It’s yet another pivotal step in our rich history—and certainly one worth celebrating!

A catamaran, as seaworthy as she may be, needs an exceptional crew to keep her on course. Thanks to our camaraderie and teamwork, we’ve achieved great things in our industry. Without our management’s support, without our employees’ passion for innovation, and without our clients’ trust, this catamaran could have never come so far.

The best part? Our story is far from over. We still have uncharted waters to discover!

Dialekta 360

Dialekta never fails to surprise! In the throes of the global COVID-19 crisis, the agency discreetly launched the plan it had been nurturing for the past five years, which was to export its digital know-how to the world of traditional media (TV, radio, out-of-home, print).

In 2020, Dialekta thus became one of the first digital marketing agencies to officially make the leap into traditional media and become a full-fledged 360 media agency.

All this in order to better fulfil our mission to transform your business with winning marketing strategies.

Dialekta’s 360 media services align with the agency’s reputation and best practices. Our tools include strategies, data-driven media tactics, business performance, campaign optimization, and real-time impact measurement. Not to mention an always on approach that conjures the know-how of the digital world.

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