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We Have Fun!

Working is good. Having fun whilst you work is better! We have a fantastic social committee (who we love more than anything) who arrange a generous host of great activities to suit all tastes.

Every Thursday you could be enjoying a magnificent sunset on our terrace whilst sipping a glass of white or a good kombucha! Yes, work drinks every Thursday!

But don’t worry, we have plenty of other activities which don’t necessarily include booze, like board-game nights, sports evenings, our twice-annual away days to the director’s chalet (and elsewhere) to do paddle-boarding or to relax in front of the fire…

Let’s Talk Health and Mental Health

It’s not always easy to get a GP appointment, especially if you have only just moved to the Montreal area! But sitting in the waiting room at the clinic can now be a thing of the past- you will have unlimited access to remote video-appointments for you and your family.

Need to go to the spa to destress? Need some extra time to study for your exam? Have a last minute emergency? Well, we’ve got you. We offer 5 ad-hoc holidays per year that you can use for whatever you need.

Need a chiropractor, physio or even massage appointment ? You’ll have access to group insurance from your very first day!

We Want The Best For You

We have launched a pilot project which we are confident will stand the test of time. What is it? Compressed hours! In other words, if you work 9 out of 10 days you’ll have every other Friday off. More time to finish your chores on a Friday so that you can truly enjoy your weekend!

A monthly financial sum is allocated on our flexible social benefits platform, making up a total of $410 per year. Whether you use it to pay for your new yoga mat, your Netflix subscription, your Opus card or even towards the latest vet fees for your dog, it’s up to you!

Ah yes, and you get paid holiday for your birthday – nice hey?

You’ll Never Stand Still

Once a month you’ll meet with your manager to talk about your progression and to put in place a concrete action plan to help you grow! And why not have a personalised development plan to help you progress? We never want you to sacrifice your mental or physical health in order to get ahead. You’ll be surrounded by passionate colleagues in a collaborative environment where everyone knowledge-shares. We have even created expert groups to show off our geeky sides!

We have monthly lunch-and-learn, and in-house training as well as the opportunity to pursue any courses of your choice. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to learn thanks to our varied client base and projects. Your expertise will be used to its full potential in all manner of different strategies and campaigns in order to push the limits of marketing.

Dialekta Extras

  • State-of-the-art offices with underground bike storage!
  • Need a morning tea or coffee before you get going? Both are provided free of charge in the office with dairy and non-dairy milks. Left the house before you were ready for breakfast? We often have fresh fruit available.
  • You may work remotely from abroad but of course this comes with trust, responsibility and good team organisation!
  • Annual agency performance-based bonuses (Yes, really!)
  • Monthly company performance presentations where we share our wins, celebrate promotions and where each department outlines its objectives progress, because at Dialekta, we emphasise transparency. 
  • Join a truly fun, dynamic team and an agency with the well-being of its employees at its heart.

Our Onboarding Process

15 minute telephone call. This call will help us primarily to understand your interests and motivations.

Remote interview with HR and a member of your future team, via Google Meet.

Technical tests (Excel and strategic thinking) tailored to your proposed role.

Meet-up with the director and another future teammate- because it’s important to know who you’re going to be working with.

Ideally this process will end with an offer of employment followed by an integration period including lunch with your team on your first day to kick off your adventure with Dialekta!

Our Vacancies

We are the best in our field because we want to surround ourselves with the best. If you were the class clown because the lessons were too easy for you, or if you were top of the class in maths, we want to meet you.

  1. Apprenticeship – SEO Project Manager

    Office : Paris, France
  2. Digital media analyst

    Office : Montréal, QC
  3. SEO analyst

    Office : Montréal, QC
  4. Assistant – Digital media strategy

    Office : Montréal, QC
  5. Spontaneous application

    Office : Montréal, QC
  6. Account director

    Office : Montréal, QC
  7. Web analytics specialist

    Office : Montréal, QC
  8. 360 media strategist

    Office : Montréal, QC
  9. SEO strategist

    Office : Montréal, QC


Count on flexible hours, telecommuting, sick leave, and days off for your birthday and Christmas holidays.


We offer a customized plan for your personal growth and development. That’s on top of our training sessions and lunch-and-learns. We also contribute to your VRSP!


Our pay scale is transparent and competitive. We offer bonuses based on agency performance.


We reimburse a portion of your gym, yoga, or BIXI fees. We also organize midday walks and other group activities!


We offer fruits, coffee, tea, and vegan milk options in our workplaces, along with massages and meditation sessions. 


We organize monthly town halls to take stock of the agency’s most recent progress and discuss our priorities for the near future.


While we value hard work, it’s also important to have fun and take the time to build relationships with your colleagues. Unwind with our happy hours, Wine Fridays, off-sites, karaoke nights, and much more!


We offer full group insurance, partial reimbursement of your Société de Transport de Montréal (STM) card and many other benefits!


Your dream job not appearing in our list of vacancies? Write to us anyway, you never know! Don’t forget to include your CV and to outline your fields of interest.


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Dialekta Montréal

4051, rue Molson Bureau 100, Montréal QC Canada H1Y 3L1

514 903-9403

Dialekta Paris

Dialekta Montréal

4051 rue Molson,
Bureau 100 Montréal
QC Canada H1Y 3L1

514 903-9403

Dialekta Paris

12 Boulevard de Magenta,
75010 Paris, France

Phone : +33 6 16 39 11 95

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