01 Jan 1970

Search Audit

Want to establish a list of priorities and take stock of your keywords?

Our Seo audit takes 3 distinct factors into account in order to provide a reliable overview of your traffic, and recommendations to improve your performance.

  • The site’s technique (10% of SEO performance)
  • The proposed content (30%)
  • The site’s popularity on the Internet (60%)

SEO Audit


The technique section focuses on how accessible your site is to bots, in order to ensure your site’s content can be indexed. We’re up to speed on the latest practices recommended by search engines, and we’ll propose concrete solutions to showcase your content.


Regardless of your site’s design, your content is the most important element for search engines. During the audit, we also analyze :

  • Your site tree
  • The chosen themes
  • The quality of the titles, and descriptions of pages and visuals
  • Your written content


A strong presence on social media doesn’t always guarantee strong popularity. Our SEO audit allows us to study your social presence, and also to analyze the quality of links leading to your site.

The 10-30-60 audit is formalized in a report with all of our comments and recommendations. This report is systematically detailed and explained during a post mortem meeting with our experts.