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In-house marketing agencies are on the rise—not only across Canada but also around the world. Why? By having media and digital marketing services onsite, you ensure better project management, speedier results, improved use of customer data, and greater cost control!

Dialekta’s approach

Ensure better project management, speedier results and greater cost control by taking charge of your marketing activities.

Our approach to marketing internalization support can be broken down into two distinct phases: pre-project and post-project.

Working closely with you, our internalization support team crafts a tailor-made assistance and training plan that optimizes your media and digital marketing activities.

What sets us apart

During both the pre-project and post-project stages, our onsite expertise accommodates companies of all stripes. Moreover, we’ve worked on two of Quebec’s most significant in-house marketing projects:

  • Vidéotron (Québecor);

  • Desjardins;

Our support

According to your needs, our in-house team creates a tailor-made plan that:

  • Defines your work processes;

  • Makes good use of marketing tools and media platforms;

  • Gives you ownership of your marketing data;

  • Improves the way your audiences interact with you;

  • Trains current and future employees;

  • Takes a step back to put strategic planning into perspective;

  • Continuously updates you on innovations from various platforms;

  • Keeps you up to speed with best practices in digital marketing;

Let’s define together the best game plan for a successful internalization



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