01 Jan 1970

Build a Presence on Social Media

Your consumers spend the largest share of their connected time on social networks. So it’s important to have a global strategic vision to build your presence on these networks.

Dialekta helps you develop a social media strategy that will allow you to interact with your audience and build an engaged community. And it’s all in line with your brand image!

Our Approach to Maximizing Your Business’ Social Media Use

Set Objectives 
Clearly defined objectives allow you to enact a strategy that has real impact for your brand.

Understand the Ecosystem
A deep analysis of your brand characteristics, as well as your industry and competition, allows us to fully understand your challenges and build a strategy tailored to your needs.

Speak to the Right People…
We help you take advantage of the targeting functionalities on social networks, in order to identify the best target demographic and the most relevant ways to reach it.

… With the Right Content
We also help you find the right tone to adopt in your communications, the type of content to share, and the optimal frequency to deliver new content in order to optimize your online presence.