01 Jan 1970

In today’s connected era, any Franchisee can launch their own website or run paid search campaigns. Without the right tools, the digital marketing landscape of a Brand can become a nightmare, with Franchisees outbidding each other for the same keywords. These overlapping efforts render marketing investments inefficient and dilute the power of the overall brand.

Give us 5 minutes, we’ll give you a 300% increase in ROI

Our Franchise Marketing Platform is a centralized, scalable solution that enables Franchise owners to unite their digital marketing investment to increase revenue and market share. The consolidated efforts behind search marketing allows:

  • Franchisors to simplify the management process and have a complete view of the spending
  • Franchisees to optimize their individual investments and be kept up to date on how their budget is working for THEM.

Key features include:

  • Real-time Collaborative Dashboard, which offers different access at the Franchisor, Branch (Regional) and Franchisee level
  • Ongoing Learning Center: To leverage and communicate the best practices.
  • Streamlined business process that fits with the company’s current reality and terminology.
  • Support: Through an integrated FAQ section, Support forum and 1-to-1 communication platform.

An extra bonus of a complete centralized Franchise Marketing Platform is the ability to manage Local Listings like “Google My Business”. This allows for:

  • The measurement of key performance indicators, such as Click-to-call, Directions to store, Reviews…

  • The management and quality assurance of key information:
    -> Store pictures
    -> Store hours
    -> Usage management (who can reply to reviews, who can manage pictures and store hours)

  • Strong bulk management features:
    -> Add locations
    -> Edit specific info (store hours, holiday hours, pictures)
    -> Undo changes in case of a mistake

Together, we’re stronger