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It is well known that the key to marketing is to reach the right target, at the right time, with the right message. That perfect time to reach your potential customer is obviously when they are doing a specific search on the search engines.

It’s not a surprise that many companies want to maximize their digital marketing efforts to index their website favorably on Google and Bing.

At Dialekta, we believe that it is essential to offer a combined SEM/SEO/CRO strategy to maximize our clients’ performance. Indeed, SEM allows for immediate results and unique agility, while SEO offers the best results in the medium/long term.


Choosing Dialekta as your SEO agency will allow you to establish a current overview of your website and the organic competitive environment. Our SEO experts will then assist you in developing an appropriate SEO strategy to make your website visible in search engines.

A good SEO strategy is a real investment in the medium/long term and will allow you to get more qualified and durable traffic over time.

Dialekta’s promise is simple: we want to make your website more visible by implementing actions that are most likely to have an impact, all with a continuous innovation approach.

Our Services

The first essential step, the SEO audit of your website consists in making a diagnosis of your site. This allows us to identify areas for improvement as well as opportunities for your SEO strategy. From this audit, comes an SEO strategy and a prioritized action plan to achieve your goals.

Here is an overview of the SEO services offered by Dialekta:

  1. Technical audit

  2. SEO analysis of your competitors

  3. Keyword study

  4. Content audit

  5. Popularity audit and Linkbuilding

  6. SEO Local

  7. SEO support in website redesign

  8. Log Analysis

  9. Business analytics and performance reporting

Technical audit

In order to identify the technical elements that affect your organic ranking, it is necessary to perform a technical SEO audit.

A technical analysis allows to solve the problems that slow down your growth and block the robots to navigate (crawl) correctly on your site and to index the important pages.

Optimizing the foundation of your website is essential to being visible on search engines. Websites often contain errors that prevent the indexing robots from crawling the pages and understanding the content.

This optimization involves a complete analysis of the elements examined by search engines to determine your organic visibility (meta title tag, meta description tag, Hn tags, site loading speed, 404 errors, robots.txt files, sitemap.xml, …).

Competitive analysis

A competitive analysis consists of identifying your main SEO competitors and then determining their strengths and weaknesses. This “competitive benchmark” allows us to estimate the efforts to be put in place to allow you to stand out.

Our advanced tools allow us to analyze all the essential SEO factors.

Keyword study

In order to understand what people are searching for in order to find your services/products and to identify strategic high volume expressions that convert, keyword studies are essential.

Our SEO experts identify the keywords, search intent, and search queries most searched for by Internet users on search engines that are related to the types of products and services your company offers.

Once done, this study allows you to improve your content with a rich and relevant semantic field.

Finally, keyword research can highlight the need to restructure your tree structure or create new pages with new content, in order to position yourself on new strategic expressions and increase your organic traffic.

Content audit

The content audit consists in analyzing the performance of your content compared to your competitors. This is an essential step in an SEO audit.

Our SEO strategists analyze the entire content of your site to determine its richness and quality. Coupled with a keyword study and a competitive analysis, we define a rich and relevant semantic field representing the best opportunities for your website.

We set up with you a complete content strategy by identifying the topics to be developed, the subjects of articles with strong potential and the interrogative requests on which to position in position 0.

Popularity audit and Linkbuilding

The popularity of the site is important to take in consideration in its ranking. The more and different sites that refer to your site (with links to your site), the higher its popularity for search engines.

Our SEO experts study your link profile, their thematic and your authority for search engines, in order to propose new link strategies to improve your popularity on the Web.

Internal linking and netlinking (acquisition of external links): we define tailor-made strategies to increase the positioning of your strategic pages.

SEO Local

Increase your conversions and your local visibility by positioning yourself on local queries (keyword + city/region).

In order to improve your visibility in the various local directories (Google My Business, Google Maps, Bing Places…), working with an SEO agency is a very useful choice. At Dialekta, we have acquired a strong expertise in local organic SEO.

A good local ranking also requires the optimization of your geolocalized pages on your website.

SEO support in website redesign

When you redesign your website, many elements of your site, such as URLs, can be modified and influence your ranking on search engines.

It’s important to prepare in advance a website redesign, in which case your site may see its ranking on search engines and its traffic drop.

At Dialekta, we have a solid expertise to support you in the migration of your website. We assist you during all steps of the project in an agile manner to ensure full visibility during the deployment of the site.

Finally, we mainly take care of the transfer of notoriety of the current site by proposing a plan of redirection of the strategic URLs.

Log Analysis

Log file analysis is a solution used to understand how search engines crawl and perceive your site. It is one of the least understood facets of SEO, although its importance is undeniable.

It’s important to understand that search engines assign each site a “Crawl Budget”. In a few words, it is the time that will be invested on your site to index the pages. It is therefore possible that this budget allows the search engine to index 4 pages or 4 million pages.

Our log analysis has a double objective:

  • Make recommendations to increase the “Crawl Budget” on your site (speed up navigation, remove duplicate content…)
  • Verify that the sections analyzed on your site are the most important ones (Ex: You just archived a complete section of your site? It is important to advise the search engines to invest your “crawl budget” on the new pages of your site).

Business analytics and performance reporting

One of our favorite sayings at Dialekta is ” We control what we measure “. That’s why we take the time to identify your site’s KPIs and provide you with a dashboard that is accessible 24/7.

This dashboard ensures total transparency concerning the follow-up of the performances of your site (traffic, conversions, SEO KPI, synergies with your paid campaigns…).

Did you know? Dialekta is one of the first agencies in North America to offer dashboards to its clients since 2010. Indeed, before Google offered its Data Studio platform and many brands offered their data visualization solutions, we had developed our own KPI extraction and visualization technology.

Important :
Universal Analytics will disappear on July 1st 2023, it is now imperative to migrate to Google Analytics 4. Dialekta Montréal offers support in this migration, from the tagging plan to the deployment of tags on Google Tag Manager for tracking on GA4.


The agency is proud to collaborate with major brands from various sectors. We also work with small and medium-sized businesses, government agencies and public organizations:

Are you targeting Quebec, all of Canada, or the United States and want to reinforce your organic visibility to generate traffic? Let’s talk about your project:

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We are very proud to be one of the only marketing agencies in Montreal to harmonize paid search (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO) in a single banner. Improve your visibility by developing a SEM x SEO synergy!

Present in Montreal, the agency also offers its services on the European continent with Dialekta France!

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