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PPC marketing strategy


Today, digital marketing offers a whole world of advertising opportunities! One such opportunity is push marketing, a strategy that employs paid ad placements. Spearheaded by an experienced team, our push marketing strategies personalize and segment your audiences with winning results.

Dialekta’s approach

At Dialekta, we never leave anything to chance. Every push campaign we craft is anchored to quantifiable performance projections and realistic objectives.

We take the time to assess all advertising possibilities, homing in on the ones with the greatest potential. Moreover, we explore advertising avenues your competitors are missing out on. To yield winning results, our team is always on the lookout for emerging industry trends and innovations.

What sets us apart

Our independence guides our innovative approach to push marketing. Indeed, some agencies are required to favour less effective advertising avenues due to foreign investors. Unbeholden to stakeholders, we have full freedom to make strategic recommendations that meet YOUR interests (and not those of other parties on the other side of the world).

At Dialekta, we are 100% independent and only invest in what’s best for your business, period.


Our main push marketing services include:

PPC ads

  • Premium

  • Programmatic

  • Search engine (SEM)

  • Amazon advertising

  • Social media

  • Retargeting

Digital display ads

  • Digital publications

  • Digital out of home (DOOH)

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