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Based in Montreal and Paris, Dialekta is a digital marketing agency specialized in Search Engine Optimization.

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You are looking for an SEO agency in Paris or Ile-de-France, but you don’t know which agency to choose? Look no further, you’ve come to the right place! Dialekta, SEO agency in Paris, supports you in the optimization of your website.

The Dialekta approach

Your presence on search engines is essential to sustain your business. This is why Dialekta, SEO agency in Paris, proposes to combine short and long term strategies in order to acquire qualified traffic on your website.

Opting for a natural SEO strategy established with a Parisian SEO agency allows you to reduce your expenses and improve your efficiency on several points:

  • Reduce your advertising investment and get qualified traffic who converts;

  • Reduce your dependence on major media groups (Google and Facebook);

  • Increase your sales and visibility;

  • Growth your business in long term;

  • Compete more efficiently with your competitors

Our services in Search Engine Optimization

Dialekta is your Parisian SEO agency that supports you in your search engine optimization strategy, in order to optimize your website and make it visible naturally.

First of, our Parisian SEO consultants establish a first contact with you in order to define your business objectives and to understand how to draw your future SEO strategy.

Then, our SEO experts in Paris will offer you a match plan that will allow you to highlight the desired pages of your site within SERPs, thanks to various SEO works:

  • Technical audit, to optimize your site for search engine bots;

  • Content audit, to optimize your site for users;

  • Keywords studys, to find new traffic sources;

  • Competition analysis

Technical SEO Audit

Optimizing your website basis is essential to obtain results in SEO. Websites often contain errors that prevent search engines from fully understanding the content of a page and thus correctly indexing it.

Sites containing technical errors may be penalized by search engines. These errors pose a long-term threat to your website.

The mission of our Parisian SEO agency will be to analyze and optimize this technical part of your website.

This optimization involves a complete analysis of the elements examined by the search engines bots that determine your referencing (meta title, meta description, HTML tags, image weights, robots.txt files, sitemap.xml, etc.).

Content audit and keywords study

Our SEO consultants analyze the entire content of your website to determine the quality. Coupled with keywords study and competitive analysis, we define a rich and relevant semantic field representing the best opportunities for your website.

Our SEO experts implement a comprehensive content strategy by identifying the topics to be developed, the questions to answer within your Q&A section and topics of articles with high potential.

To support you in your content strategy, our SEO experts also offer you a copywriting service.

Moreover, Dialekta experts can identify common errors that penalize most websites, such as duplicate content, bad netlinking strategy or missing meta description.

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Performances reports

Our SEO consultants in Paris provide you with personalized performance reports to track the results and progress of your traffic. This allows us to analyze the strategies put in place and continue to optimize them on a day-to-day basis.

Our clients

The profile of our clients is extremely varied, ranging from start-ups to multinationals, including associations and NGOs.

This variety allows us to discover different issues and to adapt our strategies to the demands of each one.

Since 2018, nearly 500 companies have already trusted our Parisian digital marketing agency, why not you?

What make us different

At Dialekta France, we support our clients in their strategies of natural SEO, paid SEA, but also in their social media & CRO strategies.

Search Engine Optimization is a medium- and long-term strategy that allows you to get tens of thousands of visitors free of charge every month on your website.

To boost your SEO campaign and achieve short-term results, our experts can help you develop paid search and advertising strategies on social media.

Thereby, you will have the best solutions to sustain your Internet activity and have a formidable competitive advantage.

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