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The tire market is extremely competitive in Quebec. Legislation requires the use of winter tires starting from December 1st, and all brands compete to be chosen during that time. In this context, it is not easy to stand out and generate a good ROI, especially when Point S‘s budget does not allow for complete domination and the growth objectives are in double digits.


Point S wanted to:

  1. Increase its online tire sales.

  2. Generate double-digit growth through SEO and SEA.


Geomarketing campaign by Dialekta for Point S


An in-depth analysis of sales figures from previous years allowed us to determine that it is not the legal deadline that has the most impact on purchases. Indeed, the first snowstorms and the drop in temperatures are the main triggers for action. Consumers are therefore reactive.


Our strategy was twofold: create the best content for specific searches to achieve excellent quality scores, and correlate budget investments with the weather. Thus, we wanted to invest the majority of the budget when the first cold spells and snowfalls occur. Easier said than done, as these elements vary from city to city, and manually adjusting the distribution every day would have been a monumental task.

The Big Idea

We developed a weather-related script to dynamically adjust budgets, bids, and creatives city by city across Quebec. This technology allowed us to optimally invest our budget and achieve dominance at the moments and in the locations that mattered most.

  1. When the forecasted temperature was below 7°C

  2. If a snowstorm was announced

  3. City by city across Quebec


The deployment was carefully planned:

First, the SEO team analyzed search intent using various tools. This study allowed us to create new dedicated and optimized pages to rank for these queries. Our team then deployed log analysis to refine SEO and redirects and maximize the exposure of these pages. Finally, the high-potential content was optimized for position zero.

Meanwhile, the SEA team analyzed sales figures and conducted an analysis to discover correlations. When it became clear that the weather was the decisive factor, the team had to envision and deploy a custom script to adapt creatives and bids in real-time, city by city.

Cross-media Synergy

From the beginning of the project, the SEO and SEA teams worked hand in hand. The tire change season is short, and we couldn’t afford any mistakes.

Based on past experience, we identified the most competitive terms and those with the highest potential. Subsequently, we optimized specific landing pages for SEO to increase the quality score and reduce the cost of AdWords clicks.

This SEO/SEA synergy allowed us to guide the SEO team toward the best queries and significantly improve the cost per acquisition in SEA.


+49% of keywords in the top 3
The number of keywords appearing in the top 3 organic search results increased significantly, consolidating Point S’ dominance on search engines.

+21% increase in the average SEO basket
Moreover, the average basket value of traffic generated by SEO increased by over 20% thanks to targeted and optimized high-potential queries.

+41% SEO revenue
Organic traffic revenue increased by over 40% year-over-year, greatly exceeding the set objectives!

+22% conversion rate
By being present during the moments when the need to change tires was strongest, the new strategy implemented increased the conversion rate by 22%.

+42% return on investment
But the conversion rate is not necessarily significant for a business. The average basket value is an important factor, and ultimately, only ROI matters. The optimizations made possible by this new campaign management approach improved the ROI by 42%.

+69% revenue
This year, the budget allocated to AdWords was similar to the previous year, but with the proposed structure and deployed technology, the revenue generated by AdWords campaigns.

Point S Logo

The campaign received an IDEA award in the category of best use of search engines. It is also finalist in 6 categories at the Global Search Awards!

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