Place des arts

SEO Strategy



Located in Montreal, Place des Arts is currently the largest cultural and artistic complex in Canada. The organization understood the importance of investing in SEO, in order to be less dependent on paid media. Thus, Place des Arts contacted Dialekta to improve their SEO strategy and increase the visibility of their website on search engines.

The challenge

Internationally known as a cultural hub, Montreal is a very important asset to the Quebec culture. Hosting over a hundred festivals and public events every year, multiple competitors are putting efforts into natural referral to be on the top of results on search engines.

Hence, Place des Arts wanted to increase their organic traffic by optimizing sections of their website.


Several objectives have been entrusted to Dialekta:

  1. Strengthen the brand image,

  2. Increase the visibility of the website and events,

  3. Increase the number of quality website visits and sales at their various events.


Our SEO experts quickly identified opportunities in terms of technical improvements and content creation to optimize the visibility and improve the general customer experience on the website.

Multiple tactics and strategies have been implemented :

  • Audit of the entire website to identify technical opportunities
  • Add structured data to help search engines better interpret and reference the site’s content
  • Creation of a content strategy and content writing guidelines for the “Events” and “Shows” pages by adding relevant keywords and improving page structure
  • Optimized the FAQ section to make it easier for users to experience and navigate, as well as to increase our chances of appearing in Position Zero on Google.
  • General improvement of the pages loading time
  • Optimization of the loading time of the pages of the site
  • Creation of an automated dashboard (Data Studio) to monitor performance in real time


In only a year, the results generated were extremely positive. We observed a high increase in organic traffic. Not only Place des Arts was able to save money by using SEO tactics instead of spending their budget on paid media, but the quality of the website traffic was also improved, with higher engagement metrics and conversion rates.

Here are the results obtained after a year :

+32 %

of sessions

+36 %

of new users on the website

+32 %

of gross sale coming from digital


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