Optimizing digital marketing efforts


The challenge

With over 6,000 franchised brokers and nearly $44 billion in mortgage financing, Multi-Prêts Mortgages (MPH) is one of the largest mortgage brokerages in Canada—but managing that kind of success isn’t always easy.

Over the years, MPH’s uninterrupted expansion had led the company to create complex, roundabout solutions for managing its digital marketing. Due to the lack of a centralized strategy, some brokers were managing their marketing entirely independently.

The result? The head office and individual franchisees were creating duplicate strategies, and franchisees were pitted in unwitting competition against each other. Although the scenario was not financially disastrous, it did degrade the company’s image while causing administrative chaos!

A standardized and centralized technological solution was needed more than ever.


To overcome the problem, MPH called on our team to deploy a solution that would optimize its digital marketing efforts. The objectives were to:

  1. Encourage franchisees to participate in a centralized marketing management service

  2. Create a flexible solution capable of supporting the marketing needs of more than 6,000 franchisees

  3. Simplify the entire management process for the parent company

  4. Demonstrate MPH’s commitment to innovation and continuous improvement


Dialekta developed a flexible and centralized solution that allowed Multi-Prêts Mortgages franchisors to combine and share their prior digital marketing efforts. The solution consisted of three parts:

  1. A collaborative dashboard

  2. Centralized and standardized digital campaign management

  3. Franchisee management

Thanks to our efforts, MPH’s franchisees increased their revenues and market shares by collaborating instead of working independently from each other.


The numbers speak for themselves—as do the awards!

This project put Dialekta at the forefront of Canadian digital marketing. We won several awards and were recognized by Google in 2018 as one of the six most innovative agencies in the world.

1 285 %

A 1,285% increase in participation. ALL franchisees benefited from personalized and automated web campaigns designed with our agency’s expertise.

385 %

A 385% increase in campaign effectiveness. The centralized platform reduced management hours considerably!

65 %

A 65% reduction in cost per acquisition. By eliminating competition between franchisees, the cost per contact improved significantly.


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