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Discover how we managed to target and engage the busiest individuals in Canada. This is what we achieved for our client, GSoft, through a B2B campaign.

Specialized in developing software to enhance employee experience, GSoft had gained significant recognition on the international stage, but its presence in the Canadian market remained relatively weak.

Given the increasing relevance of employee experience due to the labor shortage affecting all industries, Gsoft made the decision to conquer Canada.

The main challenge was to identify decision-makers within businesses and capture their attention in a vast and diverse country like Canada. As decision-makers are constantly overwhelmed with demands, we needed to implement a creative and innovative strategy to precisely target them and seize their attention.


  • Increase brand awareness of Gsoft in Canada.
  • Target business decision-makers and capture their attention through personalized and repeated interactions.
  • Promote word-of-mouth and social engagement to amplify the campaign’s impact.
  • Generate a significant increase in leads and applications by utilizing a synergistic approach between traditional and digital media.


Based on relevant insights, Dialekta developed an integrated strategy that combined initiatives in both traditional and digital media to reach business decision-makers in a personalized and repeated manner. Here are the key solutions implemented:

  • Personalized Outdoor Advertising: The agency carefully selected advertising locations around the targeted companies’ headquarters. Nearly 90 personalized outdoor billboards were deployed, ensuring each decision-maker was exposed to an advertisement tailored to their company. This geolocated approach helped reduce waste and increased the attention of the decision-makers.
  • LinkedIn and OOH/Digital Retargeting: LinkedIn was leveraged to target profiles based on seniority and company affiliation. Through OOH/Digital retargeting, decision-makers who saw the outdoor billboards were exposed to personalized content on LinkedIn, reinforcing Gsoft’s presence and encouraging word-of-mouth.
  • YouTube Activation: A video showcasing the outdoor advertising activations was produced and broadcast on YouTube. This approach allowed for reaching a broader audience, amplifying word-of-mouth effects, and maximizing web conversions.


The B2B outdoor advertising campaign for Gsoft was a resounding success and achieved remarkable results:

  • Over 100 million impressions were made, with a balanced exposure between outdoor advertising and digital media.

  • The campaign’s related publications garnered over 4 million engagements, affirming the effectiveness of the word-of-mouth strategy.

  • The campaign video was viewed nearly 1.5 million times, surpassing benchmarks by an impressive 2320%.

  • The number of applications increased by 974% compared to the previous year, demonstrating the significant impact of the campaign on lead generation.

This campaign also received 6 IDEA awards in 2023, including 2 in the media category!

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