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Since launching more than 20 years ago, Fatboy has become the most iconic beanbag brand in the world. As the Netherlands-based business grew, its founders set their sights on developing an online distribution channel in Canada to strengthen their international presence and generate more sales.

Doing so would be no easy feat. As we all know, online retail is an extremely competitive market. More than 55% of product searches in North America take place on e-commerce sites such as Amazon—and everyone wants a piece of the pie.

In this climate, creating a dedicated website to sell your products simply doesn’t cut it. Moreover, shipping in Canada is expensive, especially for heavier items such as the Fatboy.

Thankfully, these problems had a straightforward solution: Fatboy became an Amazon vendor, handing off their distribution to the e-commerce behemoth.

However, in terms of generating online sales, there was still plenty of work to be done!


To help Fatboy reach its goals, our agency determined two objectives:

  1. Increase online sales through a consistent, optimized advertising strategy

  2. Adapt advertising targeting to various media platforms


To achieve these objectives, our agency determined and implemented a multi-pronged approach. It consisted of:

  1. Creating dynamic product flows

  2. Integrating product flows on Google Shopping and Facebook

  3. Launching a Pinterest advertising campaign

  4. Promoting multiple ad formats on Amazon that primarily targeted consumers in Western Canada

In addition to Google Shopping and Facebook (the classic retail advertising platforms), we launched an ad campaign on Pinterest, the ideal medium for lifestyle/home decor products such as the Fatboy.

To improve Amazon sales, we developed several ad formats and performed numerous targeting tests to identify and reach the right audiences. We also set up a store page and purchased keywords related to interior decor products.


The numbers speak for themselves!

22 %

Fatboy’s overall ROI increased by 22% in six months.

70 %

Fatboy’s ROI on Amazon increased by 70% in three months.


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