How Dialekta generated a ROI of 16 in less than a year through SEO

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eSolutions has gained recognition for its office furniture and Murphy beds. Building on its strong presence in Canada, the company sought to enter the highly competitive United States market. With a small budget, they required quick and tangible results within a couple of months. Their two brands (Bush furniture and Bestar) and three websites added another layer of complexity to the task at hand.


The primary objective was to achieve rapid and substantial growth for eSolutions in the US market. This involved increasing revenue from SEO, particularly in the Murphy Bed category, and establishing a strong online presence for their office furniture products. The desired outcome was to achieve tangible results within a short timeframe, generating a positive return on investment.



Through a comprehensive SEO audit, Dialekta gained valuable insights into the existing challenges faced by eSolutions. They discovered that while the websites ranked well for generic queries, they were not appearing when customers searched for specific issues related to Murphy beds. This insight highlighted an opportunity to address customer queries, establish authority in the niche, and outperform competitors.


Dialekta devised a practical and targeted approach to maximize growth for eSolutions. They began by optimizing the technical aspects of the websites, resulting in a significant 160% growth in traffic. Building upon the insight gained, Dialekta developed specific pages to answer top-of-the-funnel customer queries related to Murphy beds, effectively addressing customers’ underlying concerns and surpassing the competition.

Bush's Murphy Bed page

The Big Idea

The big idea behind the strategy was to provide comprehensive and valuable information to customers, positioning eSolutions as the go-to resource for Murphy bed-related queries. By creating dedicated pages that answered specific questions and concerns, eSolution established trust and credibility, ultimately driving more organic traffic and conversions.


Dialekta’s deployment plan involved conducting a complete SEO audit to identify areas for improvement, providing a list of recommendations based on the audit findings, and developing an implementation plan for the entire year. Technical fixes, such as indexing blog articles, implementing hreflang and canonical tags, and optimizing page speed, were executed. Additionally, landing page optimization for special events and content opportunity recommendations were implemented.


The results of the SEO campaign were outstanding.

+79% Increase in revenue
For the Murphy Bed category.

+165% Overall revenue
Moreover, the overall revenue from SEO skyrocketed by an impressive 165%.

16 ROI
The campaign delivered a remarkable SEO return on investment (ROI) of 16 within a span of just 9 months, exceeding the initial objectives set by eSolutions.

These results clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of the implemented strategies and the successful execution by Dialekta.

Bush assembly tips

The campaign is finalist at the Global Search Awards in the ecommerce/retail category!

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