Creating a unique strategy to promote our brand


The challenge

When it comes to innovation and programmatic advertising, we’re ranked among the country’s most respected marketing agencies. We got to where we are by refusing to sit on our laurels.

We operate in a continually changing industry dominated by international agencies. As a result, we must occasionally step back to rethink our strategies and determine how to demonstrate our value best.

To this end, our team developed a digital media strategy capable of taking us off the beaten track, increasing our notoriety, and exhibiting our know-how to the various players in the field.

Let’s see how the strategy paid off.


With our brand awareness campaign, we wanted to meet two specific objectives:

  1. To demonstrate our superior abilities in programmatic advertising

  2. To create a unique strategy that would effectively promote our brand!


We set up the most extensive programmatic advertising campaign ever carried out. It consisted of three stages:

  1. The creation of a fun online questionnaire (“Which advertiser are you?”), allowing us to collect concrete data on visitors to our site

  2. The development of an internal Data Management Platform (DMP) to manage and activate the data

  3. The establishment of an automated online platform capable of generating 23 million advertising variations based on user responses

With this strategy, we distinguished ourselves in a highly saturated market. The challenge was daunting—but incredibly rewarding.


The numbers speak for themselves!


For this landmark project, our agency won four awards and nominations at the regional, national, and international levels.

15 %

Our quiz engaged more than 15% of the Quebec advertising industry. We were able to gather vital data about the participants while simultaneously developing their awareness of our brand.

100 000

Our platform generated more than 100,000 variations of our messages and banners. Imagine a web banner that addresses you by name and adjusts to your preferences. Consider the possibilities!


During the month-long campaign, our click-through rate was 14 times higher than industry standards.


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