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In January 2021 with more employers becoming open to remote working, the demand amongst buyers for larger spaces increased. Property was a priority for many, and competition in the mortgage market ramped up.


Desjardins wanted to bring to the forefront its caring side, as well as its unique and advantageous offering in Quebec. Across these objectives, centering around brand communication, the cooperative had two distinct marketing aims:

  1. Earn and maintain the loyalty of current members

  2. Attract new members, particularly amongst first-time-buyers



Our research showed that the market frenzy was worrying first-time-buyers. Many report being uncertain of the buying process and its financial implications. We saw an increase of nearly 80% in the hiring of estate agents in the last year, and the same can be said for the use of solicitors.


To address these uncertainties we decided to try to reassure the consumer via educational pieces. In order to ensure we gained the attention of the right audience – buyers – and to benefit from the time invested in providing them with the tools they would need during this complex journey, we developed, with our partners, a new made-to-measure environment of entertainment


As well as sponsoring the project, Desjardins actively took part in the development of content for the webseries with the participation of Marie-Soleil Larose, one of their consultants. In the episodes Marie-Soleil accompanies Julien and Karolina in their finance journey, explaining each step they need to take and how the process works. Five additional mini-episodes were also created and added to the show’s web page, in which Julien discusses in more depth with Marie-Soleil, the complete offer that Desjardins has, and the two help demystify certain topics such as financing a self-build, down payments, and home insurance. The series was promoted via co-branded formats on Radio-Canada and Go-Van platforms, video, banner ads, social media and blog posts, and takeovers.

Methodologies and Synergy

With a view to equipping buyers with confidence throughout a process which can seem intimidating, we developed various different content partnerships. We created a podcast with QUB radio to help explain mortgage protection insurance, an informative infographic in the Journal de Montreal, a special edition piece in the LaPresse+ property portfolio, and BIS content with Le Devoir to highlight the best finance and renovation strategies. We also embedded the Desjardins mortgage calculator on property sites such as Via Capitale, Purple Bricks and Remax. Users who visited these sites to learn more were effectively retargeted with banner ads and social posts to help brand message retention.


Media success: Series 1 of Our Eco Home was a real success. The video trigger rate was more than twice as high as the average for similar projects. The series even surpassed the number of video plays of a similar editorial series launched with a huge campaign on ICI TOU.TV around the same time. Taking into account all views, Our Eco Home surpassed by more than 50%, its original estimated objectives. In terms of global media performance, our boost approach delivered 20% more impressions than was initially estimated.

Marketing success: We are very proud to confirm that the success of the campaign translated into concrete business results and a positive media ROI. Many members took out financing or insurance products which allowed us to ensure their loyalty. In 2021 we observed an increase of nearly 80% in qualified visits to the mortgage section of the Desjardins site, and 70% more online mortgage-in-principle requests versus the preceding year. We were even able to exceed member acquisition objectives via mortgage grants, by 17%. With this unusual yet authentic partnership, Desjardins simplified property acquisition and showcased the effectiveness of the support they can offer buyers.


Qualified visits to the mortgage section of the Desjardins site

+70 %

Online mortgage-in-principle requests versus the preceding year


Exceeded of member acquisition objectives via mortgage grants

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