Digital Marketing Services

Dialekta’s certified team specializes in Digital Marketing services. We’re always up to date with the latest formats, platforms and advertising technologies.

We pride ourselves in providing you with an unparalleled service to measure and reach your business objectives.

We analyze your needs in order to define your brand’s optimal media strategy, whether for punctual or annual campaigns.

Search Engine Marketing (Paid Search)

 To be, or not to be found? That is the question.

Objectives: Qualified visits on site, Conversions (Leads, Sales, etc.), ROI

Dialekta helps you position your website at the top of search results on Google and Bing.

Our team of certified specialists will supervise your campaigns from beginning to end (market analysis, campaign structure, keywords, ads) in order to lead targeted customers to your site.

Once your campaign is up and running, we take care of its optimization in order to improve performance over time. You will therefore be able to see the increase of your ROI as you receive our weekly and monthly detailed reports.


Search Engine Marketing (SEO)

Opt for an organic positioning over time.

Objectives: Qualified visits on site from organic search, conversions (Leads, Sales, etc.), ROI

Dialekta helps you position your website at the top of search results on Google and Bing. We help to optimize your site on a technical and editorial level. We also work to increase your popularity & visibility by defining the best strategies for linkbuilding .

Organic positioning in search engine offers the highest return on investment. To ensure the best results, our team always uses the best practices and latest techniques. From a detailed audit to a complete inbound strategy, we pride ourselves on helping our client’s sites reach their true potential.


Display Ads (Banners)

Need to increase brand awareness ?

Objectives: Awareness, Branding, Recall (through remarketing)

Dialekta advises you on the optimal budget split in order to increase awareness within your target audience. According to your objectives, we will recommend a media plan focused on premium websites and/or performance buying.

Dialekta will also help you reach your sales objectives by retargeting users who have already shown interest in your brand to maximize chances of recall and conversions.


Social Networks

Attract, build or engage your community

Objectives: Awareness, Fan Acquisition, Interactions, Contests, Site Visits, ROI

Promote your brand where your audience spends most of its time by taking advantage of the precise targeting potential of social networks. Dialekta helps you transform your audience into fans or clients, engage your community for contests, events, or brand loyalty.


Mobile Marketing

Reach your audience on smartphones or Promote your mobile app

Objectives: Awareness, Visits to site, Downloads, App Store Ranking, ROI

We specialize in mobile marketing and have published “Appalysis”, the Ultimate White Paper on mobile app marketing. Dialekta can help you establish an optimal strategy for your mobile application or mobile website.

Our specialists can provide the ideal media mix in order to provide your app or website with visibility and trigger downloads or interactions. We can also provide you with ways to keep your current app users engaged in the long term and keep them using your app in the long run.




Boost your visibility with engaging and entertaining content

Objectives:  Awareness, Site visits

Our team can advise you on targeting strategies and the most appropriate platforms to push your content. Maximize your message’s reach to your target audience and earn visitors, subscribers and fans. Video campaigns are ideal to reinforce the impact of your TV Ads while keeping an eye on your Cost Per View and ROI.



Let us help you and your team.

Objectives: Training, Conferences

Dialekta provides assistance to agencies and clients with short- or long-term needs, be it in media planning, reporting or entire campaign management.

Caring for the industry we thrive in, we keep ourselves up to date on the latest news and best practices, and share our knowledge and expertise on our blog and as keynote speakers.

We also offer training and conferences in all the fields for which we have an expertise: mobility, social advertising, paid search or overall digital media. Don’t hesitate to challenge us on a digital media topic if you have a specific need.