01 Jan 1970

SEO Detox to Fight Against Piracy

In order to fight against piracy in sites shown in search results, Google implements algorithm changes. The result is a radical change in the search results, and Google may even penalize some sites through manual intervention. What could this mean for your site? A significant drop in your visibility online, and therefore an impact on your business results.

Reversing a Manual Penalty

We detect which kind of data piracy has modified your site, and we follow the necessary steps to quickly resolve problems and avoid a loss of traffic.

  • Identify the Source of Piracy (WordPress plugin, a form, etc.)
  • Volume of Pages Generated
  • Access to Account Search Console
  • Deleting Malicious URLs

We also work with your Google Search account so Google lifts the penalty.
With our SEO Detox, your site will be visible once again in the Google search results.