Depending on the nature of your products or services, the conversion cycle of your clients can last from a few hours to many months. Remarketing allows you to stay in contact with people who spent time on your site, and show them ads related to the pages they visited.

Remarketing: A Personalized Approach

Regardless of your industry, we personalize our approach to adapt the promotion of your product offering to different media platforms (Facebook, Google, DoubleClick, etc.).

  • Data Flow Creation
  • Tracking Tool Implementation
  • Audience List Creation
  • Dynamic Advertising Model Implementation

E-Commerce / Retailers

Do you have a lot of volume and a wide selection of products?

  • With remarketing, regain contact with your site’s visitors through a multitude of ads
  • Increase sales by retargeting visitors who abandoned their shopping carts
  • Reconnect with prior clients through complementary product suggestions

Dynamic Remarketing

Provide a personalized offering by dynamically adapting your banners according to which product pages are consulted.

Dynamic remarketing offers a higher conversion rate than banners or static remarketing. It also allows you to get better acquisition costs in those formats (Think with Google).