01 Jan 1970

Generate traffic to your site and improve your brand’s awareness with ad banners. Our banner advertising campaigns are ultra-targeted and customizable. The result? Extraordinary campaigns that attain your business objectives.

The Right Ad for the Right Audience at the Right Time with Dialekta

We choose advertising formats and placements adapted to your campaign objectives and budget. With our targeting capabilities (contextual, demographic, interests, language, placement), you can reach your audience right where they are, maximizing your ROI.

Programmatic Media Buying

Take advantage of the precise targeting capabilities of programmatic buying – improve conversions and increase traffic to your site.

What is Programmatic Media Buying?

Programmatic media buying is automating buying processes for web banners on different platforms, called Ad Exchange. Unsold placements are posted by various providers, allowing advertisers to bet on and buy the placements that interest them. Programmatic buying plays a more and more important role in companies’ strategies. It’s changing they way advertising media works. It allows direct access to audiences with precise targeting and relevant ads. Campaign planning happens quicker and easier, allowing you to surmount past challenges (intermediaries, deadlines).

Discover the Power of Programmatic Media

Programmatic media buying especially excels in consumer targeting.

  • Collect deep understanding of your clients
  • Precisely target by age and income of consumers, as well as lifestyle and interests, or any other data

By adapting the message to each client, you improve the relevance of your ads while optimizing your budget and increasing conversion rates.

Dialekta strategically buys impressions that get the right audience in the right place, at a lower price, maximizing the ROI of your campaigns.