01 Jan 1970

Despite more and more precise advertising targeting, a large portion of ads continue to be displayed at the wrong time. With Dialekta, your digital campaigns are connected to sources of external data in order to launch, optimize or stop them at the opportune moment.

MediaSigma: Discover the Power of Programmatic

External data is among the most influential factors in consumer decisions. Our Trading Desk goes beyond all the programmatic solutions available today and allows you to reach your target with unparalleled precision at 50% to 80% lower costs.

We connect your digital campaigns to more than 30 types of data, like television ads, weather, or even customized feeds (such as competitors' price changes). We are currently the only agency creating custom rules for your needs.

Maximize the Performance of Your Campaigns

With MediaSigma, you can create campaigns on your usual platforms and easily connect them to our Trading Desk. Define your rules and control your results online in real-time to adjust your campaign to your needs.

  • Launch or stop your campaigns
  • Increase or decrease bids or budgets
  • Alter the creative