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Digital marketing strategies for franchises


Without the right tools at your disposal, your franchise’s digital marketing strategy can quickly become a nightmare. Imagine having several franchisees attempting to outbid each other for the same keywords! Such a situation can render your marketing investments ineffective and tarnish your brand image. Good news—we’ve found a solution!

Discover our franchise marketing platform

We’ve crafted a marketing strategy platform specifically for franchises. It’s a centralized, scalable solution that helps you harmonize and optimize all your many digital marketing investments. Increase your business’s revenue and market share!

Our platform is ideal for:

  • Franchisors: simplify how you manage the marketing of your franchises while maintaining a focused overview of your expenses.

  • Franchisees: optimize your marketing investments while ensuring dollars allocated to your online campaign are used efficiently.

Marketing features tailor-made for franchises

Our platform’s results are indisputable. The proof? We’ve increased ROI by 300% for a franchise in less than three months. Here are just a few of the main marketing features our platform provides:

  • A collaborative, real-time dashboard that offers different access rights to franchisor and franchisees

  • An ongoing education centre for best practices that you can share with other franchisees

  • Simplified processes that account for your business’s particularities and terminology

  • A help desk that includes an integrated FAQ section, a help forum, and a face-to-face communication platform

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