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Created by Secret Local, Brokers Network aims to simplify the online presence process for mortgage brokers across Canada. For this major challenge, Brokers Network commissioned Dialekta to develop an SEO strategy to stand out in a competitive environment.

The challenge

Brokers Network centralizes all mortgage brokers and creates a network across Canada facilitating the search for agents and the connection with future buyers or owners wishing to renew or refinance their mortgages. Faced with high competition in Canada, Brokers Network wants to stand out, improve its visibility on search engines and increase the number of leads from its website, without having to advertise.


Dialekta has implemented a comprehensive SEO strategy and an action plan to meet the following 3 goals:

  1. Optimize the visibility and discoverability of the website, in particular its presence on local searches.

  2. Generate interest in increasing the number of visits to the website and the level of trafic quality.

  3. Increase conversions (making contact with mortgage brokers).


Our SEO experts have implemented a three-level strategy to optimize the visibility of the site and its mortgage brokers:

Technical SEO

  • Performed a technical audit of the website to identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Improved accessibility of site pages for crawlers and users.
  • Resolved 404 errors and duplicated content to optimize the crawl of the site by robots.
  • Optimization of Javascripts and CSS files to speed up website loading time.
  • Creation of an automated dashboard on Data Studio in order to have visibility on business results in real time.

Local SEO

  • Optimization of the content of regional and city pages for local SEO.
  • Optimization of mortgage broker pages.
  • Work on internal linking and page depth in order to improve the accessibility of local pages.

Content SEO

  • Analysis of the competition and strategic keywords
  • Deploying a content strategy and helping to write content by incorporating relevant keywords.
  • Optimization of key pages by integrating frequently asked questions (FAQ) allowing them to rank on strategic interrogative queries.
  • Optimization of metadata to encourage clicks and increase visits.
  • Review the semantic structure of the pages to improve their understanding by crawlers and optimize their referencing.
  • Writing blog articles on the most popular topics.
  • Deployment of a new section to rank on requests related to brokerage companies.


The implementation of all the optimizations made it possible to meet the objectives with:
A considerable improvement in website visibility and an increase in organic traffic.
An improvement in the quality of organic traffic and an increase in the number of conversions.


The website’s impression volume was multiplied by 12. The whole site gained 4 ranking points.

+320 %

+ 330% of recorded sessions and + 320% of new users on the site.


Traffic quality:
The actions made it possible to obtain a gain of + 45% of pages visited per session, which translates into a + 70% increase in session time.


The website receives 6 times more conversions which translates into a 40% increase in digital revenue.

These results allowed Brokers Network to make profitable SEO investments but also to reduce their dependence on paid media.

If you want to know more about our SEO support services, consult our SEO section, or contact one of our SEO experts directly.


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