Téo Taxi Case study

Find out how Dialekta earned a 500% ROI with a custom Business Intelligence Dashboard and with Growth Marketing campaigns


The transportation industry is in full swing. With the arrival of new players offering disruptive business models, such as Uber or Car2Go, traditional taxis suffer from fierce and sometimes even unfair competition. That's why Téo Taxi decided to launch a reinvented taxi service with a simplified and improved experience. To deliver this promise, as much in advertising as through its application and with limited budget, the company needed an agile, innovative and solid digital partner in mobility.

In this context, Dialekta was chosen as the digital media agency to take on the challenge. The team assists and supports Téo Taxi in its mobile application's Growth Marketing strategy and in the development and implementation of media strategies for user acquisition, activation and retention.



Achieved by generating increasingly profitable user downloads at a lower acquisition cost.

Revenue per ride

Achieved by implementing targeted acquisition campaigns based on profiles similar to the best customers of Téo.

Rides per user

The retention component also made it possible to increase the usage frequency of the application.

We chose Dialekta for its corporate culture very adapted to the start-up mode. Agile, humble, intelligent, focused on results and super competent.

Patrick Gagné, Partner & Chief of Product at Taxelco


In order to maximize return on investment, we implemented an iterative system based on continuous assumptions and experiments. Thanks to a customized dashboard for Téo Taxi, Dialekta is able to analyze the results of each campaign in real time as well as their short-, medium- and long-term impact on different users. This advanced measurement tool enabled the most efficient channels, formats, messages and targets, to be identified very quickly and to help create a mature and efficient advertising ecosystem.

Working closely with Teo's Growth team, we have been able to continuously experiment with innovative platforms, formats and targets while maintaining specific business objectives.

Mateo de la Vega, Digital Media Junior Strategist at Dialekta

Dialekta is one of the only agencies in Montreal that offers full expertise in Mobile Growth Marketing. Their experts helped us to structure our campaigns and put a 360 strategy in place.

Mehdi Mehni, Growth Engineering Lead at Taxelco/Téo Taxi

The dashboard enables us to develop exceptional business intelligence and adapt advertising campaigns accordingly. Thus, depending on the number of taxis available, it is possible to trigger or stop the campaigns in order to maximize the number of rides. In addition, certain external elements (such as bad weather or a public transit system failure) that have been identified as demand factors can be used to launch specific campaigns triggered at these key moments.


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