Technology: Our Added Value

Our cutting edge technologies and renowned service level helps us consistently deliver the best performance.


Dialekta’s mission is to maximize your digital advertising ROI. Our clients love our customer service, our efficient campaign setups and the stellar results they get.


As a digital marketing agency, we use the latest tactics and best practices in our field and provide the industry with valuable information through our Blog, conferences and training sessions. We are also the authors of “Appalysis”, the ultimate Mobile App Marketing white paper.


Our Research & Development team pushes the limits of online media. Our most noteworthy innovation is our unique Programmatic Trading Desk Solution which allows you to optimize your campaign in real-time based on weather conditions, flu index, road conditions, stock market fluctuations and much more.


What sets us apart is our collaborative approach which allows us to cooperate with other agencies. We never lose sight of the interest and objectives of our clients. 90% of our new projects are referred to us by current clients, which demonstrates the quality of our services.

Programmatic Media Buying

  • Exchange Based

  • Direct -to-Publisher

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Thanks to programmatic media buying, target audiences can now be reached with an unparalleled precision at costs 50% to 80% lower than traditional buys. Dialekta offers a turnkey Agency Trading Desk which goes beyond all currently available programmatic media buying solutions. Our optimization algorithms are capable of adjusting your campaigns according to unique factors:

Weather Conditions

Weather conditions have a huge impact on your customers’ buying decisions. Our Agency Trading Desk allows you to change or adjust your campaigns according to real-time or upcoming weather conditions.

Stock Market

Stock market indexes can influence investment decisions for consumers. Take advantage of these fluctuations by optimizing your campaigns in real time with our Trading Desk


Optimize your campaigns according to your own schedule (ex: synchronize your SEM campaigns with your TV Ads).

The above examples are just a sample of our Trading Desk potential. Please feel free to contact us to see how you can benefit from programmatic buying.




Too often, advertisers want to invest in online media to promote mobile apps which are not yet ready for advertising or commercialization. This is why we wrote this guide; to inform our clients about the key steps for a successful app, from conception to launch. No matter your app’s current stage of development, this white paper can maximize your chances of reaching the top ranking spots in the charts and increase your downloads.

The Appalysis white paper is free for everyone to use (Agencies, Clients, Independent Developers and Competitors) and can be downloaded here.

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